It all started in a farm kitchen in the middle of nowhere Maine.

I grew up on an organic farm with my 5 siblings and quickly learned I was not cut out for picking peas or weeding the tomatoes. While I never got over my distaste for weeding, I did grow to appreciate the fresh ingredients we cultivated and how simple it was to create wonderful, tasty dishes from them. Now miles away from the dirt road I grew up on, the scent of fresh basil or a simmering sauce brings me back to the kitchen stove where I learned the true meaning of comfort food and the joy it brings to share it with others.

I created Good Tastes so that busy people can eat good food and expect something more from the frozen food aisle. Our goal is to create mouth-watering products using the best ingredients we can get our hands on so that you can have something craveable waiting in the wings or share with friends when the moment strikes - easy, simple and utterly delicious.

I look forward to introducing you to our products and would love to hear from you.

former farm girl and comfort food visionary.

Good Tastes Kitchen, LLC Newburyport MA 01950