The best on the planet.

Four Cheese Bacon & Shallot Wild Mushroom Brie &Fig

Our goal is to knock your socks off. We don’t intend to come in second place in the mac & cheese department and have worked hard to create the most amazing mac & cheese you’ll ever eat. Our fancy-pants mac and cheese has defied even the toughest critics and our flavor profiles will make the foodie in you swoon. So what makes it so special?

First, the cheese. We have partnered with Pineland Farms Creamery in Maine for our aged cheddar and creamy Monterey Jack. All of their award winning cheese starts with one exceptional key Ingredient – the freshest milk possible from happy cows. We recently took a field trip there and met the “girls” in the barn – just a stones throw from the creamery where the cheese is made using centuries-old techniques , meticulous care and a lot of passion.

The recipe. While we won’t go spilling our secrets, we will assure you that we have developed our special recipe and flavor profiles using the best possible ingredients we can get our hands on. Our small batch process allows us to take extreme care in each and every box that goes out the door. And what is equally as important is what we don’t put in our food – no MSG, artificial ingredients or milk raised with antibiotics or hormones. All of this combines to something quite amazing. Your taste buds will agree!

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